quadruplify: Stuart Staples (lead singer of Tindersticks) surrounded by pigeons ([Music] Tindersticks - pigeons)

all our lonely kicks are getting harder to find

we'll play nuns vs. priests until somebody cries

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ABOUT: James, 27, cautious optimist, introvert, daydreamer, atheist, gay, liberal, nerd, inquisitive, socially awkward, worrywort, wasn't made for fighting, vast, contains multitudes.
ADDICTIONS: Writing, reading, sleeping, procrastinating, music, yoga, tai chi, politics, Italy, Japan, Korea, lifelong learning, chocolate, tea, edamame, concerts, art museums, bookstores, technology, foreign languages, cool costumes, sideburns, slash, animation, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Elementary, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Satoshi Kon
WISDOM: "We cannot despair of humanity, since we are ourselves human beings." — Albert Einstein

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akira, andrea gibson, animation, anime, asobi seksu, asperger's syndrome, astronomy, atheism, autism, avatar: the last airbender, balmorhea, bark psychosis, bat for lashes, benoît pioulard, bill mckibben, blue man group, boards of canada, can, chocolate, cocteau twins, cold cave, crystal castles, death in rome, dirty three, divisible, drexciya, electronica, elementary, environment, environmental issues, etienne jaumet, evangelion, explosions in the sky, fandom, fiction, florence + the machine, flying saucer attack, foreign languages, four tet, fuck buttons, future islands, god is an astronaut, godspeed you! black emperor, graphic novels, haruki murakami, internet, italian, italian language, italy, japan, japanese, japanese language, jesu, koreless, kraftwerk, languages, lcd soundsystem, legend of the galactic heroes, leonard cohen, lgbt, lgbt issues, lifelong learning, low, maps, margaret atwood, massive attack, max barry, mazzy star, menomena, mogwai, music, my bloody valentine, neon genesis evangelion, nonfiction, okkervil river, paranoia agent, pioneer one, planetes, poetry, politics, portishead, post-punk, post-rock, procrastination, radiohead, reading, satoshi kon, science fiction, shearwater, shoegaze, sigur rós, slash, sleeping in late, sleigh bells, slint, south korea, spoon, stromae, tai chi, tai chi chuan, talk talk, taylor mali, tea, the delgados, the field, the go-betweens, the knife, the national, the notwist, the smiths, the twilight sad, the velvet underground, the xx, these new puritans, thom yorke, throwing muses, tindersticks, wire, woody allen, working for a nuclear free city, writing, yeasayer, young galaxy
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